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  • Topic of the Week: Fathers


    Thought of the Day

    “The two most important relationships in your life are your father and the person you marry.” – Drenda Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “Moms love the child and set the environment, but the dad affirms the child.” – Gary Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “Marriage looks like the marriage they see. A child either wants to get married and have a family, based on what they have seen, or they say I’m never getting married or having kids.” – Gary Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “If we as parents walk out on the commitment we have made to each other, how much easier is it for the next generation to walk out on each other?” – Drenda Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “The biggest mistake fathers make is to assume their children know what to do in each season of their life.” Gary Keesee

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