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  • Topic of the Week: What are you pursuing?


    Thought of the Day

    “Stop looking at who you used to be, and look at who you are today.” — Drenda Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “You don’t have to live in a place of sorrow. You’re called to experience victory!” — Drenda Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “We’ve got to become so God-conscience that we’re no longer self-conscience.” — Drenda Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “If you follow Satan’s path, you’re going to crash. It’s just a matter of time.” — Drenda Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “You don’t have to beg to be righteous, and it’s not your works that make you righteous. You are already righteous in Christ Jesus.” — Drenda Keesee

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