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  • Topic of the Week: Fixing Your Money Thing


    Thought of the Day

    “I know exactly how I got free (from debt)—with God’s help—and went from a stressful life of despair to a life of freedom and purpose.” — Gary Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “Every dollar saved is one that you can put toward retiring your debt and getting on the road to living a debt-free life.” — Gary Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “You’ll never discover your destiny until you fix the money thing.” —Gary Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “No matter what shape your finances are in today, it’s never too late to see yourself living debt free. It is possible.” — Gary Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “Financial freedom isn’t the end of your journey; it’s the beginning.” — Gary Keesee

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