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  • Topic of the Week: Let Go of What is Weighing You Down


    Thought of the Day

    “The devil would like you to think that you’re the only one struggling with something. The truth is we all struggle.” — Drenda Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “We all need times of refreshing. If you just keep giving out, your vessel gets emptied and you’ll find yourself stressed.” — Drenda Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “Living in regret is like trying to walk forward while you’re looking backward.” – Drenda Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “When you’re tempted to worry, pray.” — Drenda Keesee


    Thought of the Day

    “As women, many times we struggle in life because we don’t have mentors.” — Drenda Keesee

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